Driving Lessons

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Driving Lessons


Your first lesson with Wheelie Good Driving School

Are you ready?

All of our lessons are tailored to suit you and your ability. This is why with new students we take time to work out where you are at on your driving journey.  Once we know what you can and can’t do we will explain the four stages of teaching that we cover.  Depending on your level of experience this might start in a quiet car park before moving to quiet roads.  As you become more comfortable and confident we will soon be moving to busier roads and include all the manoeuvres that will help you on your way to passing your test and beyond. We will explain a little about what will be expected in your test so you can see how we build up to preparing you for the big day.  You also need time to learn the controls of the vehicle.  This is why your first driving lesson with us will probably take around an hour and 20 minutes.  Of course … you will only pay for the hour and that hour will be all driving 🙂

Practical Driving Assessment – PDA

We will have covered all you need to know well before taking your  Practical Driving Assessment ( PDA ).  As we get closer to that time we will carry out many mock assessments.  This will greatly help reduce any driving nerves and you will be much more confident knowing what to expect (and more importantly what to do!) when the time comes for your PDA.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Where do your lessons start and finish?  We offer driving lessons in Perth’s Northern suburbs.  Depending on where you live, work or go to school this could mean starting your lesson at home and finishing at your workplace or starting from school and finishing at home.  We will do our best to fit in with you.

PDA Only?

Sometimes we are asked if we will “Hire out” our school vehicle for PDA’s only or a lesson then the PDA. We are a driving school and build a reputation on the safety and success of our students.  For that reason we DO NOT “Hire out” our school vehicle for PDA’s only.  We need to make sure that each student is safe and capable of passing the PDA.

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