Driving Instructors

Local Driving Instructor

Wayne is the Wheelie Good driving instructor. Wayne has been driving for …… a long time! Wayne has a WA driving licence with MR and R Classes which means he can drive both automatic and manual cars, Medium Rigid vehicles up to 9 tonnes and also motorcycles. (In 2007 he also gained a helicopter licence and is endorsed to fly both R22 and R44 helicopters!)

Prior to moving away from the UK in 2005 Wayne worked as an Ambulance Technician/Paramedic for the West Midlands Ambulance Service. This involved driving Emergency vehicles at high speeds with lights and sirens. Naturally he had to complete advanced driving courses prior to doing this.

As well as teaching people to drive, Wayne has also taught Workplace first aid and Emergency pre-hospital medical care. This was taught to small groups from commercial companies to larger (40 – 50 person) groups in the private sector.

He enjoys teaching and passing on information and experience. “It’s seeing someone develop and learn something new that is the most rewarding”.

Wayne also holds security clearance to a high level with Police, Ministry of Justice and also Military.

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