Driving school methods of teaching

How to learn to drive

It’s a fact that everyone learns in different ways and we all have different needs. Some people are very quick, confident and responsive. Others can be a little slower, cautious, nervous and/or anxious. Because of this we have many different ways and methods of teaching. We have a syllabus set out for us to cover and this is tailored to the individual. If you are nervous or anxious we will help you to overcome that and certainly not push you too far out of your comfort zone. Using tools we will first demonstrate a manoeuvre and make sure you understand before attempting it yourself. If one way of teaching how to parallel park doesn’t work then will show you a different method. Can’t quite master Reverse Bay Parking? That’s fine, we’ll show you a different way. Though patience and perseverance, calmness and understanding, Wheelie Good can teach you how to drive.

Having Fun!!!

One certain way to learn better is to have fun. There’s no better feeling to have finished a lesson knowing that you have improved and mastered something new. We aim to give you a fun environment to learn in. No offence to Mum or Dad but there’s usually a lot less pressure and stress when learning from a qualified driving instructor who’s not a member of the family!!

Reviewing what you have learned

At the end of each lesson (usually when the instructor is back at base) we will write up what was covered in your lesson that day. We will note things that went well and things that still need work. We will then plan the next lesson so that when we meet again we will pick up exactly where we left off. You will get plenty of feedback and be able to fully understand your progress. Naturally, if you have any questions along the way we will be there to answer them.

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