What to look for when choosing a driving school

These are some of the things to consider when choosing a driving school:

  • Do they provide a lesson plan? – There should be a structured plan in place to show you what will be covered in your lessons. It should also show more than one way of learning. After all, we all learn differently!
  • Is there a system for monitoring your progress? – It’s important that your progress is monitored and future lessons planned accordingly. This should also be shown to you so that you can have some input.
  • Do they teach more than just how to pass the test? – Driving is much more than passing your test. Of course, you need to know what’s required for your PDA but what happens after? Will you be taught safe driving practices, attitudes and processes that will help you develop a safe driving method beyond those early days of passing your test.
  • Is feedback given to your supervising driver (Husband, Wife, Mom or Dad for example)? – Many learner drivers also gather much needed log book time from other supervising drivers. To make the most of that time they need to know what to focus on and make sure it is taught correctly. Good communication between Instructor and Student is critical for this and Supervisor communication should be welcomed.
  • Pick up and Drop off? – Is the driving school flexible with picking you up and dropping you off. This can be really handy for lessons before or after school/work.
  • What sort of vehicle will you be learning to drive in? – It sounds obvious but make sure you are learning to drive in the transmission you want your licence for. Automatic or Manual. There are pro’s and cons to both. Is the vehicle modern and will you be comfortable and (more importantly) confident driving it. Dad’s 4X4 might have all the gadgets and gismo’s but how easy will it be to park in that car park during your assessment? Similarly a driving school might be offering cheap lessons. Why? Are they using an old vehicle which is a bit temperamental? Professional Driving Schools usually invest in their vehicles and also have them professionally sign written.
  • Will you get the same Instructor and Vehicle for each lesson? Staying with the same instructor can be important. He or she will get to know you better and will be able to respond better to your learning requirements. Having the same vehicle is important too. Who wants to spend more time having to learn controls, positioning and handling of a different vehicle when you could be spending that time actually learning how to drive?
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